I have had good results treating clients for:

Emotional well being, Depression

Sleep, Insomnia

Stress, Anxiety




Back and Disc Problems

Lung Conditions

Colds, Cough and Flu

Digestion or Intestinal Issues

Eating Disorders


Muscle Aches

Pain Management

Sprains and Strains

Acupuncture Treatments

Daily and weekly treatments for acute and chronic conditions. Monthly and seasonal

tune-ups to improve the flow of Qi to maintain health and wellbeing.

The first visit is generally two hours, involving a health history and short physical exam.

 Follow up visits are generally an hour.

Acupuncture Needles

Acupuncture needles are very fine, approximately the thickness of a human hair

and have a flexible shaft. They are made from the finest quality surgical stainless steel,

pre-sterilized and discarded after each use.


In some treatments needles are removed directly after insertion

other times they are retained for a period of time and then removed.

In all cases needles are removed prior to leaving the office.


When a needle is inserted at a meridian point, a very slight prick may be felt.

The needle then contacts the qi within the meridian, you may feel various sensations. Descriptions vary from sharp or tickling, a slight ache or an electric current,

any of which last only a second or two.


Moxa is an herb (Artemesia Vulgaris Latiflora) that is rolled into a small cones

and burned on the acupuncture point to gently warm the energy.

Done before needling, moxa enhances the movement of energy, tonifies the body

and strengthens the energetic body.


Cupping involves the external application of cups on the skin via suction,

and may cause temporary redness or bruising on the treated area.

This method manually removes the energy blockage in ways that acupuncture needles,

massage and other forms of treatment cannot.